Saturday, 23 July 2011

Carl Riley - Cassidy

Carl has amazing talent, and from all the previous commissions I had seen from him, he had put in so much detail, I was quite excited when he agreed to do a piece, just to see what he would come up with.

The result is below, and Im sure everyone will agree it's stunning, it's so detailed and awesome! HUUUGGEE thank you to Carl!

As always, ENJOY!

Darick Robertson - Preacher - Billy Bob Bobbs

My Dad also love Transmetropolitan so the chance of including Darick Robertson in the book was too good to let slip away. As previously posted I'm not to keen on going to the LFCC but it was worth the trip as not only was Darick a really cool geeza, he done this Billy Bob Bobbs piece, somethng he himself wanted to do as he has the original page where we are introduced to Billy Bob, how cool is that!

HUGE thank you to Darick!


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ashley Boddy - Starr, Hoover, Featherstone

So I pop'd down to London Film and Comic Con a few weekends ago, mainly to pick up the Grant Perkin's piece and to see if I could get anything off Darick Robertson. My mine gripe with LFCC is that they have comic in the title, but do near to sweet FA for comic fans every year in comparison to the rest of the show.

So when I got to the show, I picked up my piece from Grant, saw Darick happily gave him a commission and pottered about. There were a few artists there, but none caught my eye, except Ashley Boddy, he had a very cool cartoon style which I thought would go great with Starr and his ever helpful grail members Hoover and Featherstone!

I wasn't wrong, he done a fantastic job, but me and a mate were surprised by what he had chose to put in Starr's hand, have a look for yourself...

*SPOILER ALERT* It was a COCK! He had accidently drawn Starr stroking a cock, Starr can't even get a break from it all when people other than Dillon are drawing him! Now my Dad loves duck (in joke for when he eventually reads this after he has the book), but it wasn't the intention of the artist so he amended, and the final piece, though slightly less amusing, was still amazing!


Shelby Robertson - Jesse and Arseface

A HUGE thank you to Shelby for this fantastic piece!

I really love Shelby's take on Arseface, very cool

Check it out!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Preacher - Matt Soffe

This project has turned into be just as much a gift for myself as it will be for my Dad. Don't worry I haven't turned all "my precious", I am still going to give him the book, but looking through people's art, finding artists, talking to them, their reactions and the time they have given to the project, has all been a really amazing ride so far.

Matt Soffe is one of many artists that I found flicking through hundreds of Deviantart pages, I was impressed with his stuff and was happy when he got back to me. But really wasn't expecting the time and effort he put in to produce the magic that he did. A really HUGE thank you, to a fantastic artist, and one of the many nice people I have me on this continuing journey

Please enjoy!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Is it cold in here?

His desire for revenge and death was undiminished, and his cold heart was enough to freeze the very fires of Hell itself! Awesome!

I love this story arc, it cemented the Saint of Killers as a comic book legend!

This piece by Danny Cruz is just WOW! Check him out on Deviant art, his work is amazing!

Proinsias Cassidy - Phillip Chapman

A huge thank you to Phillip Chapman for this superb Cassidy piece. My fiance has just finished reading the book and about half way through said Cassidy was her favourite character, her face when she found out what a bastard he was....priceless!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I love the John Wayne character, the voice we all have that pushes us when we need it or reminds us when we f*@k up!

John Wayne is so fitting to my project and the reason why I love the character so much, is that to me, ultimately he is just an image that Jesse has to remind him of his Father.

To top it off a close friend did this for me, the ever humble Kris Justice! And what a fantastic job he did! It means a lot to me to include Kris in the book and especially with a pic so close to home, HUGE thank you buddy!!!